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Whilst it is true most ambulance professionals work in an emergency response capacity, paramedics and ambulance staff are used across a range of settings including primary and urgent care, the prison service, police custody, medical repatriations, patient transport services and for events companies providing medical cover for festivals, sporting fixtures and the film industry.

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We build relationships based on mutual respect and invest in the ambulance staff that partner with us; we subsidise Continuing Professional Development, DBS checks, pathology reports, uniform and help with accommodation and travel. Our paperless timesheet process integrates seamlessly with our payroll facility ensuring speedy payments for the work you deliver when working with Medic 365.

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Partnering With Medic 365

HCPC Registered Paramedics

The largest section of workers registered with Medic 365 are Paramedics; the term Paramedic is protected in the UK limited to those on the HCPC Register. We deploy Paramedics to work in emergency response, primary and urgent care, Blue Light transfers and providing medical coverage at events. Medic 365 works with:

  • Emergency Care Practitioners
  • Paramedic Practitioners
  • Emergency Response Paramedics
  • Newly Qualified Paramedics
  • Student Paramedics

Emergency Medical Technicians

We partner with EMTs to work across a range of roles, including frontline shifts, high dependency unit, bariatric, paediatric intensive care unit transfers and providing medical coverage for the events industry. Technicians registered with us must hold:

  • IHCD Technician Certificate, NHS Ambulance Trust Certificate equal to an IHCD Technician or a Level 5 Diploma in First Response Emergency and Urgent Care.
  • CERAD Level 3 Blue Light or equivalent qualification to undertake frontline shifts.

Associate Ambulance Practitioners

Medic 365 partner with AAPs to support NHS clients in a frontline capacity and generally use AAPs interchangeably with EMTs supporting across a range of roles, including those mentioned above. We require our AAPs to have attained:

  • FutureQuals Level 4 Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners.
  • CERAD Level 3 Blue Light or equivalent qualification to undertake frontline shifts.

Emergency Care Assistant

We work closely with ECAs covering frontline shifts, Blue Light transfers and medical coverage at events. If you are interested in registering as an ECAs with us, you must have:

  • NHS Ambulance Trust ECA Certificate, Level 3 Diploma in Ambulance Emergency and Urgent Care Support (FAQ Level 3) or a Level 4 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC 4).
  • CERAD Level 3 Blue Light or equivalent qualification to undertake frontline shifts.

Ambulance Care Assistant

Medic 365 partner with ACAs to provide non-emergency patient transport throughout the UK. We have a range of First Aider opportunities within the events industry available to ACAs. Ambulance Care Assistants require:

  • Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care (FREC 3), or a FutureQuals Level 3 Certificate in Ambulance Patient Care.
  • Full driving licence & C1 category on driving licence for PTS shifts.

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